Britto Blu

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The EXCLUSIVE "Britto Blu" bag was made with pure raw LOVE! Designer Alyssa Simone and world renowned Pop Artist, THE Romero Britto were over the moon about exploring the idea of this collab!! As the two connected and prepared their minds for their project, the Art and Fashion world weren't ready for what was brewing. The Art and fashion world hadn't seen a better duo than this in a very long time. The "Britto Blu" LOVE bag has a vibrant neon pink lacquer handle with a white and tan reversible sequin fabric on either side and a stunning Genuine leather cobalt blue focus to finish off the look. You can find a few extra touches like the, metal logo face of our one and only founder and designer Alyssa Simone on the back side of each purse and the embossed "LOLA" detail.  The Genius Romero Britto added his masterpiece strokes to make out the word "LOVE". He finished off with his exquisite colorful details and his famous heart shapes and glitter to add to the extraordinary eye catcher. The "Britto Blu" bag is a conversational piece. It is The famous Romero Britto and Designer Alyssa Simones ultimate Masterpiece which many enthusiasts would love to get their hands on. "We do it for the Culture.. Love is love is love!!! Live out loud always."
xo THE GOAT (Greatest of all time) Romero Britto and Designer Alyssa Simone

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