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The "Yvette" evening bag, better known as my mother's first name. The reason I work relentlessly and why this passion formed. Yvette the most precious gift I have ever received in my lifetime. Oh wait, this is about the bags, right..?! The material is made with the finest most premium transparent acrylic, think of the most beautiful clear lacquer. The pink sparkle flap and tassel adds a lovely touch that allows you to stare on it with a dreamy set of eyes. This can be yours if you really want to strut around with all the attention and conversation you'll receive. We only give you guys the best so please take care of your tassel it is delicate. The metal logo is placed on a sphere like key chain dangling off and attached to a link. The straps are a delicate nickel. Rock this sparkling beauty like you'll never stop Living out loud always!!