Indulge in the allure of Alyssa Simone - a woman who embodies the very essence of humanity through her captivating amber oil, 1989. Alyssa stands for a symbol of her time, infused with a beautiful blend of Jamaican and Chinese heritage. Born in New York and raised amidst the balmy breeze of Miami, Florida. Her courageous spirit, one that extends far beyond the boundary of dichotomies, represents the very heart of culture and beauty, inviting like-minded souls on a journey of victorious triumph. With a heart overflowing with love, Simone is the embodiment of elegance, energy, and grace. She is a beacon of freedom, encapsulating the spirit of 1989, fragrant oils, and candles (coming soon) with every breath. Surrender yourself to her sensual touch as she illuminates the universe with her mastery in olfaction and energy. Discover the beauty of 1989 crafted for humanity under the expert hands of her care.