Alyssa Simone was born on a brisk winter day on February 22 1989 in New York City. She was raised in Miami, Florida by her Jamaican mother and idol, Yvette Morrell. She also has two brothers Andrew, who is 32 and Zachary 25, who she adores.  In 2003, She attended New World School of the Arts high school, where she studied the Art of dance. She then went on to receive her bachelors degree from Western Connecticut State University in psychology/pre-med, in 2007.  She was an aspiring Dermatologist taking on several medical assistance jobs throughout summers, college days and there after.  At the age of four her mother placed her in every style of dance. Alyssa hasn't stopped performing, creating art on stage and captivating audiences since then. She also practiced playing the piano for years but grew an endless love for dance, which proceeded more than piano lessons.  Dance consumed her life! She was dance and dance was her! Movement, grace , poise, balance, direction, harmony it made Alyssa who she is today. She traveled all over the United States competing in national dance competitions winning gold and platinum awards. Her dance studio was unstoppable and number one at every dance competition. She was passionate about the Art and knew it would follow her into drawing out her narrative, which was fashion all along. 

To be labeled as an artist is not who she is. SHE is someone who takes pride in making humans feel their best, look great and captivating emotions. She also loves to create things but will not call herself a creator, more like an individual who is expressive and tells stories through designs. Which brings us to this moment, why she is here,, what she stands for and who she is.. 
LOLA by Alyssa Simone was founded  in 2014. Alyssa knew her aha moment would escape the ordinary life and bring about fresh new concepts to the fashion world. She has a thing for creating acrylic purses designed with the famous lego bricks. That Idea also earned her a product license agreement with the extraordinary company Warner Bros. for the Wonder Woman emblem bag she made in 2015. It exemplifies all warriors of the universe who live out loud and never conform. Alyssa plans to spread living out loud around the globe, passionately and in harmony