1989 Fragrance Oil

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Stories of moments lived, and dreams realized..

The Art of scenting starts and ends with, 1989. 1989 is a premium fragrance oil brand that celebrates the spirit of individuality and nostalgia. Inspired by the transformative power of scent and the essence of the late 80s, our brand seeks to evoke memories and emotions through carefully crafted fragrances. 


You are not fully dressed without a scent enveloping your skin, is a poetic reminder of the transformative power of fragrance. Just as clothing completes our outward appearance, a carefully chosen scent adds depth and personality to our presence. It becomes a part of our identity, leaving an impression long after we've left the room. Whether it's a subtle floral note or a bold, spicy aroma, fragrance has the ability to evoke emotions, memories, and connections with others. So, take a moment to select the perfect scent, and let it be the finishing touch that completes your ensemble, making you feel confident, alluring, and fully alive.      


Combining elements of storytelling, empowerment, inclusivity, inspiration, 1989 Fragrance Oil goes beyond just scenting your space. It becomes a tool for self-discovery and self-expression, allowing you to connect with your passions and embrace your purpose with every experience.

Love deeply, 

Alyssa Simone