1989 1oz

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Multifaceted opulence. An effervescent and sparkling, woody amber note with a sweet softness. Rich and intriguing.

1989 is based on the ambreine accord. It smells balsamic, warm, comforting, slightly sweet and powdery, with smoky vanilla. 

1989, reminds us of an awakening portal to a higher frequency. Humans who are conscious and enlightened, begin to tell their story..Their story on how the energy of 1989 brought magic to their narrative. Some say its "love at first sniff" and others are reminded of "a first date."

1989 is a gender neutral roll on fragrance oil. It is handmade with passion, grit and all things Human! The love scent invites in amber resin, grape-seed oil, light musk and all the feels of awareness. This skin luxury is vegan, natural, and alcohol free. It is an aromatic essential fragrance oil for both men and women. 1989, roll on fragrance oil can be used as a healing agent as well. Because, when you smell good, you feel good and in return evoke positive neurons which charge your vibrations to their highest high.

1989, is a warm rich amber resin with a soothing light musk scent and fresh harmonious floral notes. Floral notes are dominated by the scent of flowers but when you mix with amber resin and musk.. Oh my!!! I think its time you give it a sniff.. Not too sweet and not too spicy, its just right. 

Handmade with deep passion in NYC.